In the House of Parker-Boyd....

Billy Boyd
28 August
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What can I say about me? I like to drink, I have a killer accent, and I wear a skirt. If you want to know what I wear under it, you'll just have to read my journal!

"...it's a strange sort of world you can get swept up in I think if you don't watch what you're doing. You've got to make sure you know where you stand."

Um, this is a fake journal, ok? This was created for an RPG. I am not Billy Boyd. Deal with it.

You reached this page via a link from www.livejournal.com. The "celebrity" whose journal you read IS NOT THE ACTUAL CELEBRITY. The author/maintainer of that journal is a participant in a role playing game (RPG) where people portray actors, their families, and other people associated with our characters.

The journal is produced and written by a fan and is meant for entertainment purposes only. The thoughts and words contained in the journal are not those of the celebrity, nor are they meant to represent the actual thoughts, actions, lifestyle, or image of the celebrity. They are a fictional interpretation and not meant in any way to be an accurate depiction of the celebrity. The journals and character depictions are based on a public image, and are not meant to reflect the person's private life in any way. No harm, misrepresentation, libel, malice, or copyright infringement is intended. At no time is this meant to be construed as reality. We have no connections to, or inside knowledge of this celebrity. This is fiction.

We believe that these journals are in no way "libellous" as there is no malicious intent, and no intent to misinform fellow roleplayers or anyone who may read the journal. We also believe that this constitutes "fair use" under section 107 of the "US Copyright Law". These journals are nonprofit and meant as a commentary on a public image and not meant to use that public image for any personal gain. If you contact us asking if we are the real celebrity, you will be directed back to this page.

Please note, these journals may contain adult content. We suggest you be 18 or at the age of legal consent in your state to read them. If you're going to join the RPG, be mindful of the fact that the chat rooms and Instant Messages also contain adult content and it is not recommended for underage participants.